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The challenge is on! Let’s raise funds for our youth programs provided by the NC Division of Parks and Recreation and the Friends of State Parks!

Starting Friday, May 26th through Friday, June 16th, Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina, through our partnership with HIKENC!, will donate up to $100,000 to five nonprofits working in conservation, education, and recreation in North Carolina. North Carolina state parks and our statewide friend's group were selected as one of the five recipients, but the amount we receive will depend on your votes.  We hope to raise funds for our Junior Ranger and YIPPEE programs and other educational programs offered in our parks.     

Ten ways you can help:

1.    1. Over the next three weeks, “vote” for us by using the hashtag #VoteNCParks AND tag @BCBSNC on Twitter and Instagram posts.   Add @ncparks for Twitter @ncstateparks for Instagram and #ncparks if you have space.        

2.   2. Set a reminder to post throughout the day. Post and tag often!!

3.   3. Encourage your family and friends to participate to multiply your vote impact.

4.   4. If you don’t know how to post, ask a social media savvy person to post for you (kids, grandkids, teachers, neighbors, co-workers).

5.   5. Announce the contest at the beginning of each program or social event you attend.

6.   6. Add voting instructions to your email signature.

7.   7. Create a Twitter/Signup and/or Instagram account and start voting!

8.   8. Use some of the posts below or make up your own:

  • I love kids and nature @ncparks!  #VoteNCParks @bcbsnc #HikeNC
  • North Carolina State Parks rocks the Jr. Ranger program #VoteNCParks @bcbsnc #HikeNC
  • Birds love to tweet in our parks. Tweet for them with #VoteNCParks @bcbsnc #HikeNC
  • Celebrate kids and parks this Memorial Day with a #VoteNCParks @bcbsnc #HikeNC
  • Raise $ for kids programs in NC Parks #VoteNCParks @bcbsnc #HikeNC

9.   9. Use the attached images on your social pages.

1010. Print out and hang the attached flyer everywhere (office, visitor center, cubicle, kitchen, bathroom, on your car window, above your front door…) BCBS_100K_Poster.pdf

 Please vote for NC State Parks to win a donation from BCBSNC by using #VoteNCParks and @BCBSNC on Twitter and Instagram.

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