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Two-Year Vision Statement

VISION:  A robust and thriving state parks system provides educational, economic, recreational and health benefits that improve and sustain the unique natural heritage of North Carolina and the well-being of its people.

MISSION:  Friends of State Parks, Inc. exercises its private sector nonprofit abilities to add value to NC's park system in areas where government action may be restricted such as

  • ·       creating and maintaining a membership program focused on supporting state parks
  • ·       providing outreach on issues affecting state parks
  • ·       advocating to improve the state parks system
  • ·       coordinating a volunteer workforce to support programs and other initiatives
  • ·       leveraging private sector contracting mechanism to address urgent, innovative or singular needs not suited to government purchasing       processes
  • ·       partnering with other organizations and private companies to achieve a shared objective
  • ·       stimulating and unifying local Friends groups
  • ·       raising money to enhance government funding
  • ·       providing a means to request and administer legacy gifts or other investment opportunities

VALUES:  The core values of FSP are:

  • ·       Preservation of the heritage of parks and recreation
  • ·       Conservation of the natural environment
  • ·       Stewardship of the parks and recreation infrastructure and resources
  • ·       Youth involvement in parks
  • ·       Environmental education
  • ·       Healthy initiatives
  • ·       Significant and continuous progress
  • ·       A culture of enjoyment, fun and celebration
  • ·       Networking, collaboration and partnership
  • ·       Transparent decision making
  • ·       Commitment to inclusion and diversity
  • ·       Service excellence to members and stakeholders
  • ·       Non-partisan and non-confrontational


  • 1.     Successfully plan, fund and implement (in partnership with DPR, local groups and other supporters) the State Parks Centennial Celebration in 2016.
  • 2.     Encourage participation in activities in all the parks for all ages that focus on health and education.
  • 3.     Advocate for re-establishing dedicated funding for state parks.
  • 4.     Solidify FSP into a statewide organization that includes or collaborates with all the state parks support groups.
  • 5.     Hire professional staff and fund outsource services that enhance communications, website, social media, and newsletter.
  • 6.     Increase and enhance membership as well as improve contacts with past, current, and future supporters of parks.
  • 7.     Maintain our established non-partisan, non-confrontational culture of advocacy on parks' issues.

OUTCOMES:  If successful in its strategic plan, FSP will realize the following outcomes by the end of 2016:

  • 1.     An increased awareness throughout the state of the importance of parks as a result of the Centennial celebration that is reflected in increased use of FSP social media, additional FSP or local Friends members and expanded programming in parks
  • 2.     Improvement in the health of North Carolinians as reflected in response to Centennial health initiatives (# of Parks Rx, miles logged, surveys, etc.)
  • 3.     Funding and framework to support centennial capital projects in state's parks
  • 4.     Restoration of dedicated funding to reduce the risk of fluctuating funding that can undermine the stability of our state parks system
  • 5.     A cohesive and unified Friends network of statewide governance and local chapters or partners
  • 6.     Improved coordination, communications and integration with supporters of parks at the national, state and local level as well as public and private sectors as reflected by cooperative agreements, joint initiatives and funding
  • 7.     A set of staff or contracted services sufficient to support the FSP organization
  • 8.     A close connection with the state agency responsible for state parks that is reflected in shared office space, regular communication and joint involvement in shared initiatives

Friends of State Parks, Inc.

PO Box 37655

Raleigh, NC  27627

Friends of State Parks, Inc. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization (tax identification number 58-1634155) under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

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