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Park Tour Triad

Road changes, weather conditions, and construction may necessitate that you check for current directions but we hope these will help guide your journey.

Pilot Mountain State Park to Hanging Rock State Park

Starting from Pilot Mountain Park Rd

1.Head south on Pilot Mountain Park Rdtoward Pilot Knob Park Rd/Pilot Mountain Park Rd 0.2 mi

2.Turn right at Pilot Knob Park Rd/Pilot Mountain Park Rd 0.3 mi

3.Turn right to merge onto US-52 N 3.1 mi

4.Take exit 134 toward S Key St 0.2 mi

5.Turn right at S Key St 1.5 mi

6.Turn right at Old U.S. 52 S 0.9 mi

7.Turn left at N Carolina 268 E 12.3 mi

8.Turn right at N Carolina 89 S 3.4 mi

9.Turn right at Piedmont Springs Rd 0.9 mi

10.Turn right at State Park Rd 2.3 mi

11.Turn left at Visitor Center Dr 0.2 m

Arriving at Visitor Center Rd, Hanging Rock State Park

Total: 25.2 mi - about 41 mins

Hanging Rock State Park to Mayo River State Park

Starting from Hanging Rock Visitor Center Rd

1.Head southwest on Visitor Center Rdtoward State Park Rd 0.2 mi

2.Take the 2nd right onto State Park Rd 2.3 mi

3.Continue onto Hanging Rock Park Rd 1.0 mi

4.Turn right at N Carolina 8 S/N Carolina 89 S 1.9 mi

5.Turn left at Shepherd Mill Rd/Sheppard Mill Rd 3.3 mi

6.Turn right at Phillips Rd 3.8 mi

7.Continue onto State Rd 772 0.8 mi

8.Turn right at N Carolina 704 E 9.6 mi

9.Turn left at US-220 BUS N/2nd Ave 2.8 mi

10.Slight left at Old Mayo Park Rd 187 ft

Arriving at US-220 BUS N, Mayo River State Park

Total: 25.6 mi - about 47 mins

Mayo River State Park to Haw River State Park

Starting from Mayo River State Park US-220 BUS N

1.Head south on Old Mayo Park Rd towardUS-220 BUS S187 ft

2.Sharp left at US-220 BUS N 1.6 mi

3.Turn right to merge onto US-220 S towardGreensboro 11.5 mi

4.Turn left to stay on US-220 S 2.8 mi

5.Turn right onto the ramp to US-158 E 0.2 mi

6.Sharp left at US-158 E 11.2 mi

7.Turn right at Cunningham Mill Rd 1.7 mi

8.Turn right at Spearman Rd 1.7 mi

9.Turn right at Conference Center Dr 0.3 mi

Arriving at Conference Center Dr, Haw River State Park

Total: 31.0 mi - about 43 mins

Haw River State Park to Pilot Mountain State Park

Starting from Haw River State Park Conference Center Dr

1.Head northeast on Conference Center Dr toward Spearman Rd 0.3 mi

2.Turn right at Spearman Rd 1.4 mi

3.Turn right at N Carolina 150 W 8.4 mi

4.Turn right at N Carolina 150 W/US-220 N 1.2 mi

5.Turn left at N Carolina 150 W/Oak Ridge Rd 11.7 mi

6.Turn left at N Main St 0.1 mi

7.Turn left at N Carolina 150 W/N Carolina 66 S/E Bodenhamer St 0.7 mi

8.Turn right onto the I-40 BUS W/US-421 N/N Carolina 150 W ramp 0.2 mi

9.Merge onto N Carolina 150 W/US-421 N 9.4 mi

10.Take exit 6B for US-52 N/US-311 N/Notrth Carolina 8 N toward Mt Alry/Smith Reynolds/Airport 0.3 mi

11.Merge onto US-311 N/US-52 N 21.8 mi

12.Take the Pilot Mountain exit towardState Park 0.3 mi

13.Turn left at Pilot Knob Park Rd 0.3 mi

14.Take the 1st left onto Pilot Mountain Park Rd 0.2 mi

Arriving at Pilot Mountain Park Rd

Total: 56.5 mi - about 1 hour 16 min

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